woensdag 1 juli 2009

Pictures of the E-Sky Dauphin flying.

Here are some pictures of an airborne E-sky Dauphin. This is the result of a short photo shoot. These pictures are taken by my brother who has done a great job !

The wheels leave the lawn. The helicopter is in the air.

Turning and gaining height.

Hovering in front of the camera lens.

Taking off to higher places.

I must mind the wind here. It's evening, the setting sun shines on the Dauphin.

All is under control and the sky is blue...

... and there's one happy pilot smiling :-)

Battery power is lowering ... time to descent.

Slowly coming down ...

Guiding the machine in ...

On its way to the Landing Zone. This was a fun flight ! ! !

! Many thanks Bro for the pictures !

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