vrijdag 10 juli 2009

Small technical update - Esky Dauphin

Spare parts came in. A new inner shaft + new fly bar (stabilizer) + new gear for the upper blades.

The disassembled Dauphin.

The new wheel fits perfectly.

The assembled Dauphin. It didn't come of the ground :-((

I reversed the blades. A-blades should be the upper blades. B-blades the lower blades.
It flies much better and smoother. I have right yaw again. Though the nose still tends to go left and the trim is in its extreme right position.
This must be due to a difference in power between both motors but I can control the helicopter perfectly.
Oh, Yes, I ordered my second electric RC helicopter yesterday. A small step up the ladder in rc helicopter flying...
I'm sure I'm gonna post pictures !

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