zondag 2 augustus 2009

E-Sky Honeybee FP - Flybar repairs.

I had some practice flying the Honeybee FP so I removed the training gear set with the 4 ping-pong balls. That soon resulted in a crash and a broken flybar.

I have no spare flybar but I thought I could use a stick from the training gear set.

I had to find out how to remove the broken flybar first. It's tightened with two screws pointing down.

I cut the stick from the training gear set to the correct length and assembled the flybar with the paddles

The flybar was centered and no adjustements had to be made. The Honeybee is good to fly again. ! (Hopefully)

That flies ok... till I made a piloting mistake.. and down the yellow Honeybee went.

That looks not too bad. Putting the battery back in its place.

The main blades go back in their place. Checking everything for a last time and then then...

Airborne again ! ! !
I've crashed many times already but I consider crashing part of the learning curve.
Flying the E-sky Honeybee FP is a lot more difficult than flying a coaxial helicopter but I'm starting to get the hang of it.
Flying this helicopter is a certain feeling that you have to become used to. It's like learning to ride a bicycle. Once you get it, you cannot unlearn it. It takes practice to improve.
(pictures my bro and me)