maandag 27 juli 2009

The E-Sky Honeybee FP. (Fixed Pitch)

A package came in. Yeah my new helicopter has arrived.

Let's see what's in this box. Some spare parts and a training set.

Nice picture on the box. Would the content of the box be as good ?

Flying manual + Simulator software + List of all parts used in the Honeybee FP.

That looks great !!!

It came with a lipo battery. I ordered an other type of battery at the same time but I can't charge that one. I've got no charger. It also came without an adapter for the lipo charger. I had one for the E-Sky Dauphin.

Posing while it's still undamaged ;-))

With the training set installed. Ready for its maiden flight.

That didn't end up well !

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