dinsdag 30 juni 2009

Replacing the fuselage of the E-Sky Dauphin. (step by step)

The new fuselage in front of the old one.

First I took off the stabilizer.

I took off all the blades. (notice the damaged tips) You only need to remove 4 screws and the blades come off.

All blades are taken off. This heli won't fly far.

I removed the 1st pin that holds the fuselage to the inner frame.

This is the second pin.

Two pins taken off.

This is the inner body of the helicopter.
The swash plate.
This picture reminds me of two famous Hollywood robots :

The led on the old fuselage is still connected.

I took out the little plug that connects the led light on top of the tail.
The one connected to the new fuselage went in.

I connected a battery to check if the led worked... It didn't :-((

I had connected the plug upside down. In this picture it is done correctly.

The led flashes.

I taped the wire back to the frame.

I put the pins back in place and the blades back on. Job done ! ! !

A few pictures of the Dauphin in its new clothes.

I think the helicopter looks great !

I've made an appointment with my dear brother who's a photographer. We're gonna do a little photo shoot of the Dauphin in action.

I can't hardly wait to fly this beauty !

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