woensdag 15 juli 2009

The Casio Pathfinder PAW-1500 T - Part 4 - Altimeter-Barometer-Compass

1. Compass.

When you push the compass button, this is the kind of reading you get :

In this example the 12 'oclock position points almost south (175 degrees) . The small black rectangles point to the main directions.

North is indicated by 3 rectangles.

The compass points to the magnetic north. At some places on earth you might need to correct the reading in order to be accurate. You can perform a magnetic declination corretction with the watch.
The compass updates its compass reading every second but after 20 seconds it stops. You will have to press the compass button again for another reading.
2. Barometer + Thermometer.

The barometer reads atmospheric pressure.
(hPa = Hecto Pascal)
There's also a tendency graph. It shows previous measurements for up to 20 hours.
The thermometer reads in Celcius or Farenheit. When you wear the watch, the temperature reading is influenced by your body heat.
The black rectangle in the picture above shows the difference between the actual barometric pressure reading and the last stored reading. Here it's +1 hPa since last stored reading.

3. Altimeter.
The altimeter gives an indication of your altitude. It uses air pressure and goes up or down with an inclination of 5 metres. You will need to calibrate it first or you can set the altitude to zero.
Then you can hold track of your ascent and descent.
It has a graph.

I will do one more post on the Casio Pathfinder PAW-1500 T .
After having the watch for some time now, I will make a list of its pros and cons.

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