dinsdag 7 juli 2009

The Casio Pathfinder PAW-1500 T - Part 2 - The main display (time keeping mode)

This is the main display. Let's have a look on what it shows.
  • it's Monday the 6Th of July - 14 h. 12 min. 30 sec.
  • it's full moon

In this display you can toggle between the day of the week and a barometric pressure graph (tendency graph).

Simply by pushing the adjust button 1 time. I check the graph regularly. It gives an indication of the upcoming weather conditions.

Some other information you can retrieve from this display :

  • The power level of the battery is H(igh) - there are 3 indications for the power level of the battery : H(igh) - M(medium) - L(ow). The battery is charged by solar energy.
  • P(ower) S(aving) is on. This watch has a clever way of using power and it turns off certain functions when there falls no light on the watch.

  • Currently we are in D(aylight) S(aving) T(ime) = Summer Time (in British English)
  • Change between summer and winter time can be performed automatically by the watch. (Auto DST)
The small black rectangle moves along the ring like the second hand of an analog watch.

  • The tide is rising towards high tide. The difference in water levels between high and low tide is big.

  • When this arrow is displayed, it means that the watch has calibrated successfully.

You can set the watch to automatically receive the calibration signal. You can also manually receive the signal.

  • The hourly time signal is on.

Some features that are turned off in this example :

  • Auto illumination is off
  • No alarm has been set

This concludes a short overview of display in Timekeeping Mode. In the next post we will be going through the other modes of the watch.

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