zondag 5 juli 2009

The Casio Pathfinder PAW-1500 T - Part 1 - Overall look

I'm going to do a more extensive review of the Casio Paw-1500 T with a lot of pictures.
This review will be broken up in several parts. Today part 1 - The look of the watch.

This is a closer look at the mode button. The whole design of the watch reminds me of the space ships we see in the movies and tv series. More specific : Star Wars.

This is an artist's interpretation of a star ship. You can see how the Pathfinder's design resembles this ship's forms. (this is of course my personal interpretation, you may disagree.)
Let's take this even a little further. Have a look at the picture above and then look at the space ship below.
A picture says more than words. This is a picture of the Lego version of the Star Wars space ship "Millenium Falcon". Notice the circular structures on top of this ship.
These are the push buttons for the : ALTImeter - BAROmeter - COMPass.
They remind me of the eyes of a fly. Personally I find this less attractive. It also reminds me of a three-eyed spider. The SF kind of design is what I appreciate more.
These is a picture of actual eyes of a fly...

The sensor(s) are behind this.

Some plastic at the back of the titanium bracelet. I have no idea why that is.

Radio controled. Multiband 5.

Don't worry when the watch gets wet.

Solar powered. This is the engraving in the bracelet.

The back of the watch. (with screws)

On my wrist. It's a BIG watch. You certainly make a statement when you wear the PAW-1500 T.
I've got the watch for over a month now and it's been on my wrist almost every day.
I had to wait a long time for it. It was delayed at the Belgian customs. I bought it in the USA for around 200 euro and that's a real good price but I had to pay an additional 75 euro taxes and fees to get it in the country.
In part 2 I'll go over the functions of the Casio Pathfinder PAW-1500 T.

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  1. Very useful review. I'm purchasing the PAW1500Y-1 on your recommendation. Zer Gut.