maandag 20 juli 2009

The Casio Pathfinder PAW-1500 T - Part 5 (final part) - Pros and Cons

After having worn the watch for some time, I made a list with pros and cons :

  1. Very clear readable (BIG) digits for the time and other main fuctions.
  2. Versatile watch. I don't think there's another watch at this moment that is packed whith so many features.
  3. Once you've done the initial settings, the watch is easy in its use.
  4. Price versus quality = good
  5. Easy to use (big) push buttons.
  6. Atomic timekeeping
  7. Tough Solar - Your battery won't die on a trip !
  8. The atmospheric tendency graph is useful to "more or less" forecast the weather.
  9. It's a very lightweight watch.


  1. The sound of the alarm and countdown timer is too faint.
  2. The plastic case degrades the watch - certainly in combination with the titanium bracelet.
  3. When on your wrist (and that's where it is supposed to be), the watches' temperature reading is influenced by your body warmth and therefore useless.
  4. Since the altimeter uses barometric pressure to calculate altitude, its reading is incorrect when there's a sudden change in atmospheric pressure not due to your ascent or descent. So you're never sure if the altitude reading is correct.
  5. You can't see the transmitter from witch the watch picks up the time calibration signal. (some G-shock do show the transmitter) (There are parts of the world where you can't receive any transmitter.)

If you're planning to buy the Casio Pathfinder PAW-1500 T, I hope this review has helped you somehow in making a decision.

I certainly love wearing this unique timepiece !

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  1. Hi,
    I also have a Casio PAW1500-iV. Same features and specs as your own, mine just has the resin case and band. Generally, its a brilliant watch and I'm very happy with mine. I wear it every day and its then good for whatever outdoor activities you get involved with. Great options and features to support many outdoor activities. Very robust and solid timepiece. You have provided a great review of the basic features and good photos as well. Well done.

    Adrian - Houston USA