maandag 9 november 2009

Esky Honeybee FP - Replacement of the main motor.

With the new tailmotor installed, the honeybee FP was perfectly controlable again. The only thing now was that it flew only for about 3 minutes with a fully charged 7.4V Lipo.

The mainmotor had lost power too from all those flying hours. So I've replaced the main motor too. This is an easy job done within 5 minutes. I took off the heat sink and cut the strip that held all the wires a bit together.

I first unscrewed the main motor. It is held in place by two screws at the bottom. By rotating the main gear the second screw becomes visible through one of the holes at the surface of the main gear.

The wires of the main motor are attached to the "4 in 1" receiver. You can easily plug them out.

The new main motor. It comes with two new screws.

The new motor screwed on and wires plugged in. Old screws next to the skids.

The bottom looked like this. Time to make a test hover. The helicopter made a strange noise and had almost no lifting power.

After a close examination I found out that the teeth of the motor made poor contact with the gear. I loosened the screws a little and pushed the motor more towards the gear. Very tight this time.
This also resulted in a strange noise while rotating and the heli had also almost no lifting power.
The third time the grip was not too tight nor too loose. The middle way. (sounds like Buddha ;-)
This time it worked perfectly and I had an outside flight of 8+ minutes.
Flies like new !

vrijdag 6 november 2009

Esky Honeybee FP - replacement of the tail motor

I love this helicopter because you can fly it, crash it and repair it relatively easy and fly it again. After some time, approx. 10 hours they say, the tail motor loses its power.

Then there's not enough power for the torque. The helicopter loses its yaw to one direction. Its nose and tail then turn only one direction and that makes the heli uncontrolable.

First I had to desolder the two wires.

That's easy.

I removed the screws that keep the motor in place.

The new tail motor. Screws inclusive.

I mounted the new tail motor and soldered the wires on. I connected the wires the same way as they cam off. BUT... the tailrotor spinned the wrong way.

Therefore I reversed the rudder on the transmitter.

A brief indoor check. Hey, my honeybee is back ! ! !

E-Sky Belt CP V2's Maiden Flight

It was a little windy but I couldn't resist to go out and try the belt cp v2. I had the 2 batteries charged. We were ready ! ! !

It's maiden flight took about 2 SECONDS !!! ... and it even barely left the ground.
CRASH - Broken blades were the first obvious damage.
The main blade grip has bent. Ouch that hurts !

A beautiful bird with broken wings.

I need some specific tools to repair this kind of damage. So I ordered a helicopter toolbox from China and some spare parts from the Netherlands.

The spare parts already arrived but I'm waiting for the toolbox to start the repairs.
Back to the simulator for now.
And hey, I bought a large training gear set ;-)