woensdag 24 juni 2009

E-Sky Dauphin - Radio controlled helicopter 2,4G

Driving home, slow traffic as usual.

A package arrived today. A big box from Holland...

The content is breakable. The box weighs surprisingly light.

A lot of foam cubes inside.

This is the content of the box.

A new fuselage and main rotor blades for my E-sky radio controlled Dauphin helicopter.

The old box.

This is the little bugger. The helicopter needs repairing after several crashes.

Notice the front wheel has broken off. It's a coaxial helicopter : it has two pair of main rotor blades on top. They rotate in opposite direction.

The red plug underneath is the connector plug for the battery.

Some damage on the nose. Already repaired. First aid. This kind of damage doesn't affect the helicopter's functionality.

Cracks in the blades and chipped blades make the helicopter highly unstable.

Not quite airborne again but it looks pretty against a smiling blue sky.
The E-Sky Dauphin is in fact an indoor helicopter. The faintest wind makes it uncontrollable.

In the wind the upper and lower blades collide and the helicopter crashes. It took me awhile to find that out because it happens really quick.

A 2.4GHz receiver. The helicopter has a 4 channel radio controlled mechanism.

The real Dauphin helicopters are mostly used as rescue heli's.
It comes ready to fly out of the box and with a free flight simulator.

The inside, seen from the bottom.

The swash plate controls all the movements of the 4 main rotor blades.

Screws to fasten the blades.

The upper blades are connected to the stabilizer.

The little ring in the middle connects the fuselage to the inner frame.

Serial number. Made in China.

A led light on top of the tail. The tail rotor in not functional. Coaxial helicopters work without tail rotor.

I'm told to not touch these screws. They are set in the factory.

The led blinks when the battery is connected. (there's a crack in the tail)

The two back wheels are connected to the frame inside, which is a good thing.
The front wheel is glued to the outer body and breaks off easily.

Waiting for repairs and ... F L I G H T ! ! !

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