vrijdag 26 juni 2009

Reinforcing the nose of the E-Sky Dauphin

The nose of the E-Sky Dauphin is it's weak part. While landing the helicopter, the front wheel pushes the nose of the fuselage inwards. It can't withstand harsh shocks and the nose cracks easily.
With some paper towel it's easy to reinforce the nose. Here's how to make a good shock absorber :

Make the paper towel wet and push it a little together.

While wet, push it in the nose of the fuselage. Make sure it fits perfectly.

You don't see the paper towel from the outside.

Take out the paper towel while still wet and leave it to dry. When it's completely dry it weighs almost next to nothing. Now glue the perfectly shaped form in the nose.
It works great as a shock absorber !

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