dinsdag 23 juni 2009

Traser H3 T5002 Super Sport

Lately I bought this TRASER watch. This series is discontinued. The shop was selling out the stock. Normally this watch sells for around 350 euro. I paid around 175 (shipping included).
It's a 200 meter diver. Unidirectional rotating bezel.

Most special about the watch is it's permanent light technology. It uses H3 tritium in very small tubes. The tubes provide visible light for about 10 year - according to the manufacturer.

A silver/grey dial - Stainless steel bracelet - Quartz movement.

Notice the tritium filled tubes on the dials.

Even the second hand has a luminating tube.

Screw down crown.

The mark on the bezel contains a tritium tube too.

The second hand is half red-half black.

An overall nice looking watch.

The back says : Swiss made - Water resistant 200m - Permanent light technology - 3H Traser

Safety clasp.

A divers extention. It makes the bracelet a little longer in order to wear the watch over a diver's suit.

With divers extention open.

The day of the month

On my wrist.

Amazingly flat.

A smiling blue picture.-)

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