maandag 5 oktober 2009

E-Sky Honeybee FP - upgrades & modifications

I've repaired my honeybee FP

It's got a different look. I took the whole machine apart, bit by bit and rebuilt it.
It has a new, red canopy.
The tail fin has moved forward so it doesn't block any air from the tailrotor.

New skids (Extreme-Parts). They can take bad landings better than the stock skids.

The flybar paddles are centered.

A heat-sink installed on the tailmotor. In order to replace the tail boom I had to solder the wires on the tailmotor.

A heat-sink on the main motor.

To mount the battery I use now two rubber bands.

The battery mounted. Right under the 4 in 1.

With the red canopy on.

An orange antenna pipe.

Checking the helicopter indoor. The honeybee flies just FINE ! ! !

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